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Zvin Extra
  • Zvin Extra


    You have:
    -Extra weights
    -OTF, WOFF, Variable, License

    Support Zvin: Elevate Your Design, Support Our Work

    Behold, Zvin, a variable serif typeface birthed from the whispers of ages past, drawing inspiration from the typographic tapestry woven between 1850 and 1960. In its essence, Zvin channels the ethereal mood of ancient Greek script, intertwining it with the mystique of contemporary decorative shapes.

    This font, a fancy and beguiling enigma, beckons to be the custodian of sophistication in your design endeavors. Its allure lies not only in its curves and lines but in the subtle echoes of a refined age. Zvin, a calligraphic journey through the annals of history, where each stroke resonates with the elegance of antiquity.

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