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Payment for commercial licenses through the website is temporarily not working, to apply for a license, write to or Instagram @ivantsankoo

Cплата за комерційні ліцензіі через вебсайт тимчасово не працює, для оформлення ліцензії пишіть на пошту  або у інстаграм @ivantsankoo

Red Alien.png

Typeface name: Red Alien
Designer: Ivan Tsanko-Khlibovych
Release partner:
Release year: 2024
Alphabet support: Latin & Cyrillic


Enter the realm of the extraordinary with Red Alien – a mystical script that brings an otherworldly elegance to your designs.


Explore the unknown with a typeface unlike any other. Red Alien transcends conventional design limits, offering a fusion of futuristic style and cosmic allure. Its captivating curves and celestial characters will transport your audience to distant galaxies.

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Take your letter-blades

Red Alien Typeface.png

$40 goes to support Ukrainian military needs;

$10 goes to platform support, processing fee, etc.



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