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Payment for commercial licenses through the website is temporarily not working, to apply for a license, write to or Instagram @ivantsankoo

Cплата за комерційні ліцензіі через вебсайт тимчасово не працює, для оформлення ліцензії пишіть на пошту  або у інстаграм @ivantsankoo

Thank you for your interest in the TsankoType fonts library. We'd like to explain how our transactions work. When you purchase our fonts, it's like shaking hands with us. While contracts on the Internet may vary, the principles of honesty and transparency remain steadfast.


The TsankoType library assumes full responsibility for the quality of the work and the software provided to you. Upon purchasing any license, you have the freedom to use the fonts in the archive at your discretion, both for personal and commercial purposes, within the scope of one project.

Can I give fonts to third person?

Do not distribute the fonts to anyone. Individuals or entities interested in utilizing the instruments for a new project should acquire a license by purchasing it directly.


Please refrain from altering the original file, even if you believe you can enhance the font. If you come across any errors, please notify me. If modifications to the shape are desired, kindly make them in vector format.

License project

Each license is valid for a single project, business, or creative advertisement. For customized individual licenses, please reach out to us at


Before making a purchase, we recommend downloading and testing the trial versions of the toolkit. This allows you to evaluate the fonts and their features to ensure they meet your needs.


Certainly, we have an agreement. When purchasing or testing our fonts, please adhere to the rules of use. Thank you for your cooperation!


-Choose the appropriate license for your needs.

-Complete the payment for the selected license.

-Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a link to download the font archive.

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