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License & Question

Thank you for your interest in TsankoType fonts library. Want to tell you how our deal is concluded. Вuying fonts - you shake our hand. Contracts on the Internet can be different, but the principles of truth are undeniable. 


TsankoType library is solely responsible for the quality of the work, and for the software provided to you.When purchasing any license, you can use the fonts in the archive at your discretion,

for personal & commercial use for one project.

Can I give fonts to third person?

Don't give fonts to anyone.

Everyone who wants or should use instruments for new project, let them come and buy a license.


Do not touch the original file. Even if you can make the font better. If you find errors - write to me. If you want to change shape, make it in vector.

License project

One license work only for one project/bushiness/creative ads. To form an individual license, please contact us:


Please download the trial versions and test the toolkit before purchasing the fonts.

TsankoType public library

Keep the entire library of Tsanko Type fonts in trial versions, for testing on a one desktop only. Not for personal or commercial use, don't use this file in your social network or another personal space, don't use it for commercial work;

Also, you find for free Zvin Serif, Work Grotesk and Work Sans typefaces available for full scenario usage.

Free fonts and donation

Zwin Serif and Work typefamily available for download and use in commercial and personal work.

Your donation help make more fonts
for your design solution.


Choosing a license;

Payment for the selected license;
Have link for download archive;


We have an agreement, when buying or testing my fonts, please follow the rules of use, thank you!

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