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By subscribing for $15 per month, you become part of Alliance.
This membership grants you access to closed fonts, testing opportunities, and chat communities. More over, you have the ability to directly influence the development of tools tailored to your needs. Your subscription not only provides you with premium content but also empowers you to shape the future of the resources available to you.

With your subscription, you receive the following benefits:

One Experimental Font Monthly:
Receive one experimental font in development every month for personal use.

Access to Closed Chat:

Engage in a private chat to discuss, propose new forms of fonts, and actively contribute to the font development community.

Full-Time Discount:
Enjoy a continuous 35% discount on all fonts, providing you with cost savings on your font acquisitions.

The community you get into after making 15$ subscription to the month. You get access to closed fonts, testing, chat communities. You can directly influence the development of tools that are developed for you.

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