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Menorah Grotesk.png

Typeface name: Menorah Grotesk
Designer: Ivan Tsanko
Realease year: 2021
Alphabet support: Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew
Weights: Regular, Medium, Semi, Bold

About typeface: Menorah Grotesk is a unique language combination and modern forms. Menorah Grotek is a multicultural font family with reverse contrast forms to create a unique geometry of letters, borrowing and complementing the classic Hebrew script. Latin+Cyrillic+Hebrew alphabet.


Group 188.png


Group 331.png

Сommercial License

License for commercial projects. If you need a font for a brand identity, for an advertising company, for a commercial design solution, for interface and digital. This is the best choice for you. Use this to create print or digital designs.

Work best for:
- full commercial use;
-Works for web less 25000 users(if you have more, contact me for coefficients);
-Works for logo/print/video/public marketplace/application/e-publication/social network/game;

You have:
*TTF, OTF, WOF, WOF2, Variable
*License file in PDF

Trial Typeface

Keep the entire library of Tsanko Type fonts in trial versions, for testing on a computer.
Test on one desktop only;
Not for personal or commercial use, don't use this file in your social network or another personal space, don't use it for commercial work;

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